Media Encoding Tests


Known mainly for its DVD re-encoding prowess, our test uses the Handbrake command line interface on a full DVD rip to gauge CPU performance.

While we aren't using the version of Handbrake with AVX extensions included (and we will be updating this to do so soon) clearly we are running into some threading limitations of this particular encoder implementation. As a result, the 5960X is producing slightly slower results than the 4790K as well as the 4960X.


x264 HD Benchmark

The popular x264 benchmark available from graysky does a two-pass H.264 encode on 1080p video.  The first pass appears to be more clock-sensitive while the second pass is more heavily threaded.

Haswell-E: The Intel Core i7-5960X 8-core Processor Review - Processors 10

(Screenshot shows 720p testing from v4.0, we are using 1080p on v5.0)

The second pass of our x264 encoding test shows its more highly threaded nature, giving the 5960X a larger performance lead than the first. Though in round 1 we only saw a 12% advantage for the Haswell-E processors over the Ivy Bridge-E, that expands to 30% in the second pass.

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