Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Excellent sequential read performance thanks to the SMI 2246 controller.
  • Strongest cost/GB we've seen from a model using this controller (see below).


  • Sharp write speed limits at lower capacities (comapred with solutions using 64Gbit dies)
  • IOPS performance is lower than competing controllers.

Pricing and Availability:

Current market prices for the ADATA Premier SP610 are as follows:

Good showing here from ADATA. ~$0.10/GB lower than the Corsair Force LX, and ~$0.20/GB lower than the Angelbird SSD wrk. Overall the best pricing we've seen for this controller.


The ADATA Premier SP610 ships with a 3-year warranty.

Final Thoughts:

ADATA's Premier SP610 SSDs gave us the results we would expect from the included Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller, and do so with attractive and generous packaging. Brackets and imaging software are included, yet the pricing remains lower than competing solutions that offer less bonuses in the box. More modern controllers can outmaneuver the SP610 in some areas, but those satisfied with the SM2246EN's performance should definitely look to the ADATA line as the best deal in the house.

Awarding ADATA Premier SP610 Gold for their strong pricing and generous and complete packaging.

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