Results: SiSoft Sandra 2014 SP3

The latest version of Sandra recognizes and utilizes most of the cutting edge features of the latest processors.  AVX and FMA are integrated into these tests, as well as a handy OpenCL test.  While Sandra is not a productivity app, it does have a nice grasp on theoretical performance.

This pans out about as expected.  The i7 3770K is faster in nearly every measurement here.  The FX-9590 gets close in a couple of areas.  This at least means that the FX-9590 is going to be faster than the similarly priced i5 4690K except for perhaps memory streaming bandwidth.  What is concerning is that the new FX-8370 is not faster overall than the FX-8350.  Only in single threaded applications will the former have an advantage due to the extra 100 MHz boost.  The FX-8370e is well behind everyone else here.

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