Results: Cinebench R15 and 7-Zip

Cinebench R15

The latest version of Cinebench again leverages all of the latest technologies on modern processors to achieve the fastest results possible for rendering a scene.  It also does a nice job of leveraging multi-core architectures with a balanced workload.

Some interesting results here for a change.  In single threaded performance the Intel processor walks away from the rest, but at least the 8370e in its boost state can slightly outperform the older 8350.  The 9590 is hitting 5 GHz in this particular test and leads the AMD pack.  Once we go multi things change up a bit.  The 9590 is faster than the i7 3770K for a change!  We also see the 8370e drop to the back of the pack again because it cannot maintain a high boost clock and remain in the 95 watt TDP envelope when all modules are active.



This is a nice little file compression/decompression application that features a very handy benchmark built in.

I believe we are seeing a pattern here.  The 9590 of course leads the AMD pack, but the i7 is the fastest up to four threads.  Anything above 4 threads, due to inevitable inefficiencies with Hyperthreading, and the 9590 takes a significant lead.  The 8370e is right in the mix at the lower thread levels, but once all four modules are going at full bore, it heads towards the back of the pack.  That darn boost and 95 watt TDP.

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