Results: Euler3d, Luxmark, and Truecrypt

Euler 3D

Euler 3D is an engineering/scientific benchmark based on a real-world application that simulates flow over an airfoil.  It certainly favors Intel based processors a bit more than AMD, but I am not entirely sure why.

This application has always run exceptionally well on Intel hardware.  The i7 is just plain fast.  The 9590 starts to catch up at the 8 thread mark.  The 8370e is faster than the 8350 at the low thread counts, but again as we approach 8 threads it starts to taper off and comes in dead last.



This OpenCL based benchmark can run on any OpenCL enabled hardware.  This includes CPUs and GPUs.  I test out both CPU only and CPU/GPU performance to see where these shake out with the Sala raytracing scene.

The results shake out the same as in previous benchmarks.  The i7 3770K has the fastest CPU and CPU/GPU performance.  The 9590 comes next.  The 8370e is the slowest as the benchmark fully leverages all 8 cores/4 modules of the CPU, so it is in a constant low boost state.



This particular software product is no longer valid or supported, but it still can show off the performance of hardware AES encryption/decryption.

I was honestly surprised that the i7 matches the AMD parts in performance with hardware acceleration, and falls behind with hardware acceleration disabled.  The 8370e brings up the rear again, even though it does have a higher model number than the 8350.

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