Results: GRID Autosport and Bioshock Inifinite

GRID Autosport

The final test is an actual game.  I took the latest GRID title and had the resolution set at 1920 x 1080 with 4X AA enabled.  The “Ultra” preset was used in the game with the built-in benchmark.

Even with all those extra MHz the 9590 is still 10 fps slower average than the Intel 3770K.  The 8370e again takes up the rear in performance.  GRID is multi-thread aware, but still relies heavily on strong IPC on a handful of threads.


Bioshock Infinite

This very popular game is a heavily modified Unreal Engine 3.0 title.  It is visually quite impressive and the interaction and physics are a step above.  I used the built-in benchmark at 1920 x 1080 with Ultra/DOF effects enabled.

All of the results are much closer together in this particular title.  We see the Intel product spring ahead by about 10% over the 9590, but the other AMD parts are not far behind the 9590 as is.  Minimum frame rates do show a greater variance with the 8370e bringing up the rear and far behind the 3770K.

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