LIVA Mini PC kit

Courtesy of ECS


The center piece of ECS' presentation was their LIVA Mini PC kit. The LIVA kit fits in the palm of your hand when assembled with several configurations available to fit your computing needs. It is designed around an all-in-one PC with an integrated Intel Bay-Trail-M processor, 2GB of DDR3L memory, 32GB / 64GB eMMC SSD, several USB 2.0/3.0 ports, video ports, and a Gigabit NIC, as well as 802.11n-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Not to mention its 15 watt power requirements under full load. Did I mention its fan-less as well?

Courtesy of ECS

The LIVA form factor opens up many interesting avenues for ECS with its uncompromising power even with its minimal power requirements. The LIVA mini PC is a truly portable system, able to be powered from an external battery module that you would normally use to recharge your tablet or cell phone on the run.

As far as its viability as a personal use or business system, ECS used a LIVA to run the presentation during the press event, connecting it to a project through the built-in VGA port and using a Lenovo keyboard/mouse pointer device for control.

The LIVA's guts are embedded in a two-part plastic case that is easy to put together and take apart as well.

All system components are integrated into the system PCB with the CMOS battery and PCIe WI-FI card on the PCB's bottom to save on space. Unfortunately, the PCIe slot on the bottom of the board will not work with MSATA type drives, so you cannot expand the internal hard drive space of the device.

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