Completed Build and Final Thoughts

The final build is clean and open. Components have room to breathe and there's lots of extra space, which makes adjusting things later much easier (now I remember why I like full-size ATX!).

The build experience with the Core 3300 was straightforward with no complications. The case feels very stable and well made, and there are numerous options available for cooling given the large interior and flexible mounting for fans and radiators. Given the lack of problems during installation the Core 3300 fares well for ease of use, though the design isn’t perfect.


  • Good build quality
  • Filters on front and bottom fan intakes
  • Two quiet 140mm fans included add to value
  • Easy to achieve a clean build, good cable routing space
  • Anti-vibration material on PSU mount, HDD mounts a plus
  • Supports very long graphics cards and PSUs
  • Versitile cooling support

Minor Weaknesses

  • Storage drive bracket inconvenient for drive swaps
  • No grommets to protect cable routing cutouts
  • No side window to show off the clean build!

The Core 3300 doesn’t have flashy looks and no new ground is being covered here with the design. What Fractal Design has accomplished with the Core 3300 is a solid enclosure with excellent flexibility at a particular price point. I would like to see the price come down about $10, though it has shown up below the $69 list price on Amazon from a couple of marketplace sellers already).

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