Introduction, Specifications and Packaging

WD’s new wireless HDD offers extremely versatile storage on the go!


Today I'm going to talk to you about something you might not have thought you needed, but once you realize what this new device can do, you might just want one. Imagine a Western Digital My Cloud, but only smaller, battery powered, and wireless. You could fill it with a bunch of movies, music, and other media for something like an upcoming family road trip. If said device could create its own wireless hotspot, the kids could connect to it via their tablets or other portable devices and watch their movie of choice during the drive. Once you are at your destination and snapping a bunch of photos, it would also be handy if this imaginary device could also mount SD cards for sharing recently taken photos with others on your trip. A bonus might be the ability to store a back-up of those SD cards as they become full, or maybe even empty them for folks without a lot of SD capacity available. As a final bonus, make all of this work in such a way that you could pull off an entire trip with *only* mobile devices and tablets – *without* a PC or a Mac. Think all of that can happen? It can now!:

Behold the WD My Passport Wireless!


Here is a conglomeration of features and specs lifted from the WD press deck:

The specs are impressive for such a small and portable device. 2×2 Wireless N MIMO that can HD video stream to 4 devices simultaneously from its own access point, for up to 6 hours. The ability to offload SD cards on the go is not too shabby, either.


The My Passport Wireless comes fully charged and well packaged. Included are quick start guide, directions, USB 3.0 cable, and 2.0A USB wall charger.

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