Performance, Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts


WiFi Reads:

WiFi Writes:

Direct connecting to a PC or Mac via USB 3.0 will automatically disable the built in WiFi and switch to direct connected mode, which transforms the My Passport Wireless into a straight up My Passport, along with some noticeable speed advantages, handy for loading up with media before that big trip:

USB 3.0 Writes:

…, or offloading all of those photos after you return:

USB 3.0 Reads:

Very good direct connected throughput.



  • Portable, compact, efficient, silent
  • WiFi + pass through, with SD and USB 3.0 connectivity
  • FTP access and SD card offload
  • Easy out of the box setup / experience
  • PC or Mac not necessary for those pure mobile users
  • Good WiFi throughput. Excellent USB throughput


  • Battery life may be an issue on long trips (but can power from a USB charger)


  • 500GB: $130 ($0.26/GB)
  • 1TB:      $180 ($0.18/GB)
  • 2TB:      $220 ($0.11/GB)

The added cost of battery, WiFi radio, etc, drive up the cost/GB of the lower capacity models, so your best bet here is to go larger, as the relative cost drops significantly. Going from 1TB to 2TB only adds $40 to the price.

Warranty: 2 years.

Final Thoughts:

The Western Digital My Passport Wireless is an extremely versatile WiFi connected mobile hard drive. 2×2 Wireless N MIMO enables fast throughput for such a small device, supporting up to 4 simultaneous HD video streams. WiFi pass through lets mobile devices surf while streaming music over the same wireless link. SD card offload and FTP access will be of great use to photographers in the field. USB 3.0 enables fast transfers as well as a convenient way to recharge. The My Passport Wireless is basically the storage equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife for those on the go.

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