Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Corsair continues to expand their PC power supply line with the introduction of three new HXi Series power supplies.  All three of the HXi power supplies incorporate an imbedded microcontroller (analog to digital bridge) to communicate vital information to the Corsair Link software via USB. This allows the user to monitor and log fan speed, current and voltage of the +3.3V, +5V, and +12V rails, monitor power out, display power in and efficiency, and toggle between multi rail and single rail on the +12V outputs.

Edit 10-14-2014: Corsair asked us to make it clear that while the HXi Series PSUs support the ability to switch between multi rail and single rail +12V outputs via the Corsair Link software, the HXi Series does not support the ability to set individual OCP trip points. This feature is only available on Corsair’s premium AXi Digital Series power supplies.

While this might be an issue for a few tech users, I suspect the majority of users will not miss this advanced feature. Differences also help differentiate the HXi Series from the more expensive AXi Series.

The Corsair HX1000i power supply exhibited good voltage regulation with excellent AC ripple suppression, even at full load. The power supply features a good assortment of all modular cables and delivers excellent efficiency, meeting the 80Plus Platinum criteria. The HX1000i PSU incorporates a zero RPM silent cooling mode (up to ~40% load) and continues to operate quietly even as the load increases, thanks to a high-quality cooling fan that features fluid dynamic bearings and custom designed fan blades. Overall, the new HX000i proved to be a very good power supply (performance and quiet operation). It sacrifices a few of the AXi Series premium features (like even tighter voltage regulation and advanced Corsair Link control) for a more affordable price point.

The new Corsair HXi Series power supplies are currently available and shipping.

•    MSRP for the HX1000i PSU:$229.99 USD
•    MSRP for the HX850i PSU : $189.99 USD
•    MSRP for the HX750i PSU : $169.99 USD

•    Very quiet operation: silent, zero RPM mode up to ~40% load
•    7-Year Warranty and Comprehensive Customer Support
•    80 PLUS Platinum certified, with at least 92% efficiency at 50% load
•    Supports Corsair Link digital interface
•    Good voltage regulation (±2%)
•    Stable power (up to 50°C) with very low AC ripple and noise
•    Fully modular cables for easy installation and to improve airflow
•    Fluid dynamic bearing fan for long life and quiet operation
•    Fan Test button
•    High quality components including all Japanese electrolytic capacitors
•    Active Power Factor correction (0.99) with Universal AC input
•    Safety Protections : OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OTP, and OPP

Minor Weaknesses:
•    Doesn't support some of the advanced Corsair Link features (like setting OCP trip points)

Corsair HX1000i Fully Modular Power Supply

Our thanks to Corsair for sending us the HX1000i PSU to review!

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