Shadow of Mordor – 2560×1440

Very High Preset

(Please excuse the FRAPs and Observed FPS graphs stopping at 40s rather than 60s without the graphs adjusting. A small error in our analyzation scripts needs to be ferreted out.)

There appears to be no runt frame issues with Shadow of Mordor as both the NVIDIA and AMD cards tested show consistency between the FRAPs and Observed frame time graphs. That’s good news of course but we would expect no less with single card testing at this point. The Frame Times graph shows a good experience for all parties being tested here though the R9 290X and R9 290 doe have a handful of frame rate spikes (green and pink lines) that aren’t found with the GTX 980 and GTX 970 results.

Overall performance is pretty tight between competing cards with the AMD Radeon R9 290X taking a slight lead with an average FPS of 77; the GTX 980 scores an average frame rate of 75 FPS. The R9 290 has a similar lead over the GTX 970: 69 FPS on average vs. 66 FPS. These aren’t sizeable wins for AMD but consider this is an “NVIDIA title” it’s a good sign for AMD fans.

Ultra Preset

Cranking things up to the Ultra preset we see frame rates drop a bit, but the gaps between the GPUs remain pretty much the same. There are still no runt frame issues and no high frame time variance occurrences, though this time we see some frame time spikes in GeForce cards as well as Radeon cards. Clearly the texture quality increase is having some effects.

The R9 290X averages about 65 FPS in our testing while the new GTX 980 pulls in 63 FPS or so; the R9 290 runs at 60 FPS while the GTX 970 only hits 55 FPS. That GTX 970 gap against the R9 290 is the biggest we have seen at 2560×1440 at 9%.

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