Results: GRID Autosport

The fine people at Codemasters have slightly upgraded the GRID 2 game to GRID Autosport.  The basic engine is the same, but with some further tweaks to improve visual quality and effects.  The built-in benchmark was run at 1920×1200 and 2560×1600 at Ultra settings.

We saw in Metro:LL that the 270X matched the GTX 760 ITX in performance, and now we see the 270X overtake the 760.  The lead is most noticeable at 1920×1200, but it shrinks fairly dramatically at 2560×1600.  We also see a switch off in terms of minimum frame rates between the cards.  At the lower res the NV card seems to do a bit better while at the higher res we see AMD having the better minimum.

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