Final Thoughts and Conclusions

To stand out in today’s PC power supply market; a unit must really excel in the areas of performance, functionality and cost. High Power’s new Astro Series GD 1200W power supply performs well in some areas (like voltage regulation) and is more average in others (AC ripple and noise suppression). The Astro GD 1200W PSUs main features are having fully modular cables, being 80 Plus Gold certified for high efficiency, and it’s relatively quiet operation at low to mid power. While High Power claims the power supply starts out operating in silent mode, it’s really not silent as the cooling fan is spinning at all times and generating a little bit of air noise. Quiet yes, silent no. Personally, I like to have a power supply fan spinning all the time (although very slowly at first) to keep a little air moving through the unit. The build quality this time around from Sirfa is very good and the AGD-1200F PSU is constructed with high quality components (like all Japanese made capacitors).

The new High Power Astro Series GD-1200W power supply is currently available and shipping. The MSRP is $239.99 but you can currently find it at for $224.99 USD (November 2014). This puts the Astro GD-1200W pretty much in the middle of the pack for value. You can find 1200W power supplies for less money and there are others available at a much higher cost. It’s a tradeoff between cost and performance; you have to decide where your particular sweet spot lies. Last but not least, we aren’t thrilled with a 3-Year warranty; a good power supply deserves better.  

•    1,200 Watts output (up to 50°C)
•    Quiet operation (Smart Fan Control)
•    Fully modular cables for easy installation
•    Flat ribbon-style, low profile cables help optimize airflow
•    80 PLUS Gold certified (87%~90% efficiency at 20-100% load)
•    Very good voltage regulation (±2%)
•    High quality components including all Japanese electrolytic capacitors
•    Safety Protections : OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OTP, and OPP

•    Higher AC ripple and noise on the DC outputs than we would like to see
•    Silent fan mode isn’t really silent, just quiet (the fan spins all the time)
•    Quiet operation results in elevated operating temperatures
•    3-Year warranty

High Power Astro GD 1200W Fully Modular Power Supply

Our thanks to High Power for sending us the AGD-1200W PSU to review.

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