CineBench 11.5

This rendering benchmark based on the Cinema 4D engine is a terrific indicator for multi-threaded processing.

Intel Core M 5Y70 Review and Performance: Testing Broadwell-Y - Mobile 7
In what is likely our flagship benchmark to test single and multi-threaded performance, Cinebench has some interesting data to share. First, the single threaded performance of the Core M 5Y70 is on par with the Core i5-4200U, bests the Bay Trail processor by 2.3x and is even faster than the 35 watt Kaveri APU. For the majority of processing tasks for every day consumers and Ultrabook users then, the Core M 5Y70 should provide more than adequate performance.

Multi-threaded results shift though and we see the limits of the 4.5 watt TDP on a dual-core design. With a score of 1.84, Broadwell-Y is 21% slower than Haswell-ULT and 44% slower than the FX-7600P. It does, however, maintain an advantage of 25% over the Atom Z3770.
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