Results: Cinebench R15 and 7-Zip

Cinebench R15

The latest version of Cinebench is nicely threaded and can be sensitive to memory bandwidth and latency issues.  Single and max threads benchmarks are used.

Single thread performance is identical between the board, but when we go max threads we see a very small difference between the boards.  In this case it could be that the MSI board is allowing the CPU to stay in a boosted state longer than what the higher end Asus board does.



This nice little program has a handy benchmark included that scales very nicely with core count.

This benchmark shows nearly the opposite of the previous.  Single threaded performance is higher here, as well as that of using two and four threads.  Only when all eight threads are used do we see the MSI board wake up and take a small lead over the Asus board.

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