Results: Cinebench R11.5 and 7-Zip

Cinebench 11.5

AMD always cringes when we bring up the Cinebench tests.  Kaveri just does not fare well under them.  Still, this is a benchmark that stresses the CPU and memory portions of any APU.

The Crossblade Ranger seems to run Kaveri at burst states a little longer than the other boards it is compared to.  The difference is measurable, but minimal.



This pleasant little program has a handy benchmark included that scales very nicely with core count.

The Crossblade Ranger again squeezes past the competition in all but one result.  It is again quite likely that Asus is able to keep boost clocks up at the max for longer than the other products.  Good fan/thermal control?  Better voltage regulation?  Hard to say, but they seem to do it on a consistent basis.

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