Packaging and Internals

First let's dive into the packaging. Drobo has done very little to change their packaging over the years, and it's clear that there is really no reason to do so. 

Packaging here is top notch, with the Drobo itself coming in a custom fabric carrier that offers protection during shipping and can be reused as a handy accessory for protecting it during later transport.

…so I had the Drobo on our workbench, and there were screwdrivers nearby…

Oh, hey, it looks like Drobo have incorporated the same style battery used in their original DroboPro

Fully disassembled.

Rear of the mainboard and SATA backplane.

Front of the mainboard and SATA backplane. 

A very capable Marvell Armada XP MV78230 dual core ARM CPU powers this new Drobo, seen here coupled to 512MB of DDR3.

This Drobo appears to boot from it's firmware via USB connected firmware stored on flash. This flash also stores some array metadata for robustness during unexpected power loss.

The battery used is a single 18650 3.6V LiPo cell rated at 2.15 Ah (7.75 Watt-hours). These are the same cells used by Tesla (7100 of them!) and in other electric and hybrid vehicles. In the Drobo, this battery helps ensure the unit gracefully shuts down upon unexpected power loss.

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