Performance Testing

Obviously we had to do some performance testing with the MSI AG270 2QE-037US, but as our all-in-one inventory is limited to, well, this system for now, we had to compare it to desktop parts. In the graphs below that focus on processor performance, you'll find the likes of the Core i7-4790K, the Core i7-4770K, Core i5-4670K, and quite a few more. It's important to keep in mind as you look at these results that, while the 4790K has an 88 watt TDP, the CPU used in the AG270, the Core i7-4870HQ, has only a 47 watt TDP.

For single threaded performance, the Core i7-4870HQ is about on par with the Core i7-3970X (SNB-E) and nearly at the same level as the Core i5-4670K. That's damned impressive and should result in a system that feels snappy to any user. A multi-threaded result of 7.02 is actually faster than the Core i5-4670K processor (which is quad-core but without HyperThreading) and it is near the performance of the quad-core Core i7-3820 part!

POV-Ray results put the Core i7-4870HQ at nearly the same performance level of the desktop Core i5-4670K.

The first pass of the x264 benchmark shows the Core i7-4870HQ that is used in the MSI AG270 is 30% faster than the desktop Core i5-4670K and only 17% slower than the flagship Core i7-4790K desktop Haswell processor.

Now let's see how that GTX 980M performs. For our comparisons here you'll see the GTX 980M used in the MSI GT72 gaming laptop, a desktop GTX 970 reference and a desktop GTX 770 reference. I was curious to see if there were any performance deltas between the GTX 980M in the AIO form factor versus the notebook form factor.

Our 3DMark scores show very little variance between the GTX 980M in either system and give the GTX 970 a lead of 22% at the Extreme preset.

All of our game testing was done at 1080p in order to meet the criteria of the MSI AG270's integrated screen. In BF4, MSI's AG270 is about 6-7% faster than their GT72, and it is within 4% of the desktop GTX 970 graphics card as well!

GRID 2 performance is nearly identical for the GTX 980M and the GTX 970.

Clearly the MSI AG270 2QE is an impressive piece of gaming hardware that is more than capable of handling gaming today at 1920×1080, even at the highest in-game quality presets. It  can rival the performance of a desktop GTX 970, especially at this lower resolution, and is definitely faster than what gamers today see with a GTX 680 or GTX 770. For a mobile form factor and stuffed into an AIO machine – it's damned impressive.

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