Conclusions and Final Thoughts

In case you were curious, the SSD performance of the RAID-0 array of M.2 Plextor drives is impressively fast. Though MSI wants to brand this as "Super RAID" or something, it's just regular old RAID.

But when you can get read speeds of over 1.0 GB/s and write speeds beyond 640 MB/s, who cares what it's called? As long as you keep in mind that this is indeed a "death wish RAID" and you continually back up your data, this kind of storage configuration is great to see in an all-in-one.

For those of you that are looking for a use for all of this high performance hardware, consider the wide world of game streaming on! MSI includes a copy of Xsplit Gamecaster edition with the MSI AG270 allow gamers to easily configuration live streaming shows that an utilize the CPU, the GPU or even the QuickSync capability.

The fact is that the MSI AG270 2QE is a compilation of hardware that would be impressive in any form factor including a typical desktop system. It's not the fastest you'll find, it doesn't support multi-GPU combinations, and it isn't upgradeable in the typical sense. Those are the sacrifices of an all-in-one PC but MSI has a done a good job of putting together hardware that minimizes compromise.

Pricing will definitely be the sticking point for a lot of readers as the 037US version of the MSI AG270 2QE is currently selling for $2699 on That's a lot of money for an AIO system that doesn't offer flexibility for upgrading in the long term and you can obviously buy a complete set of desktop components that rival the performance in CPU and GPU tasks for significantly less – like $1000-1200 less.

To overcome that price difference, you have to consider the advantages offered by a system like the AG270. Integration: you get all of this hardware in a small overall package that is pre-built and warrantied. Mobility: though not as mobile as a notebook you can definitely take this system to different rooms or even LAN parties with relative ease. Size: the 27-in 1080p screen will definitely provide a better integrated gaming experience than any 15-in or 17-in notebook. Simplicity: you get a touch screen and the ability to have a single computer that Mom and Dad can safely use, while also harnessing the power of the GTX 980M for your Battlefield addiction.

For a gamer that is looking for the most powerful all-in-one machine available for PC gaming, the MSI AG270 2QE-037US is an outstanding option.

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