Performance Part 2: Storage Devices

Now let’s take a closer look at just what that quad-SSD RAID can do for the GT72.


Yeah, that’s kind of what we expected.  Again, to reiterate, this thing is freaking fast.

ATTO Disk Benchmark



The hard drive’s nothing compared to the SSD, but at least it’s a 7200 RPM model:

What about the SSD array?  Impressive, yes, but let’s see how this shakes out in comparison to previous systems:

It should come as no surprise that we’re staring at the new champ here, with numbers that exceed even those of the GT70 by a decent margin.  That is, apart from the 4K read results, which are actually a bit below the GT70’s—though they’re still incredibly good no matter how you slice it.

CrystalDiskMark 3.0


CDM’s results for the SSD array reiterate what we saw earlier in AS SSD… that is to say, that the GT72 continues to slay the conventional and the pedestrian with nothing less than ridiculous performance.


How does the hard drive fare?  It’s not bad; since its primary use will be storage, there’s nothing wrong with these values.

HD Tune

HD Tune provides one final more in-depth look at the hard drive’s performance.  Again, this is congruent with CDM and ATTO’s assessments.

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