Are you still hunting for that perfect gift for the hardware and technology fan in your life? Or maybe you are looking for recommendations to give to your friends and family about what to buy for YOU? Or maybe you just want something new and cool to play with over the break? Welcome to PC Perspective's 10 Days of Christmas where we will suggest a new item each day for you to consider. Enjoy!

Chances are you good you are slowly collecting electronics that charge through USB. Chances are also good that are you are running out of outlets in your home or office and you would love a way to consolidate the powering of your tablet, your phone, your smartwatch, your wireless earbuds and your other phone. I have used Anker USB accessories for a quite a while with a lot of success but this holiday the company has an upgraded model.

The new 60 watt variant of the USB charger seen here can output 2.4A per port or 12A total. There are 6 USB ports that automatically detect the device power requested and outputs accordingly. The power cable is 5ft long as well, great for plugging it in behind your bed and leaving the charging base on your night stand or kitchen counter. 

If you or someone you know has just too much USB powered crap, this is the perfect add-on to their life. I know it has helped me clear up cable clutter at my house and while traveling with all my electronics.

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