Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Excellent write performance (when in TurboWrite SLC mode)
  • Excellent IOPS performance, especially in the higher capacities
  • Improved TLC write speeds, thanks to VNAND


  • Smaller capacity models launching at a relatively high cost/GB

Pricing and Availability:

  • 120GB – $100 ($0.83/GB)
  • 250GB – $150 ($0.60/GB)
  • 500GB – $270 ($0.54/GB)
  • 1TB      – $500 ($0.50/GB)

UPDATE: We found the Samsung 850 available for preorder with estimated shipping of December 26th.

The 2.5" SATA versions of the 850 EVO will be available 'later this month (December)', with M.2 and mSATA versions coming 'next year'.


The 850 EVO ships with a 5-year warranty, rated at:

  • 75 TB written (120GB / 250GB)
  • 150 TB written (500GB / 1TB)

Final Thoughts:

The 840 EVO was a great launch and sold very well, but Samsung did not rest on their laurels. By pushing flash technology even further, they introduced 3D VNAND into the mainstream with the 850 Pro, and today we've seen how that NAND handles both SLC and TLC speeds. In short, we are absolutely impressed. VNAND performs extremely well in SLC mode, and TLC speeds are slightly better (for a given capacity SSD) than competing 2D MLC flash! RAID performance of a small pair of 850 EVOs scaled as expected, and Samsung's RAPID mode can help boost things when a single small SSD is in use. Overall the Samsung 850 EVO is sure to be a great launch, but we would like to see a more aggressive cost/GB on the smaller capacity models.

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