Meet the M320

Logitech is brand synonymous with mice, joysticks and other peripherals, providing a handy way to interact with your computer for over 20 years.  Anyone who has used a computer for any amount of time knows Logitech and have used a variety of their products.  Their peripheral lineup has come a long way from the beginnings, with washable keyboards, webcams and mice with over two dozen programmable buttons. 

In this case we are looking at the M320 Wireless Mouse with three buttons and scroll wheel, a rubberized grip shaped for the right hand and an offset optical sensor with 1000 dpi resolution.

The Logitech M320 comes in a user friendly clamshell package with cut out flap on the back which is actually effective in opening the packaging without the need of a utility knife or a couple of stitches on your hand.  Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that it ships with a battery included; not the rechargeable kind but certainly a nice touch for those of us who remember receiving toys that were unusable until someone made a trip to the store to pick up the required mix of AAA's, D's or 9V's.  The documentation claims the battery will last for two years and while there was obviously no way to put that to the test the automatic sleep mode and physical power switch will ensure that your battery life will not be inconveniently short. 

As you should expect in a wireless mouse designed for portability it is small, indeed for those of us with larger palms it feels almost too small for extended usage and lefties will find it more so as it is definitely nothing sinister about the M320.  When compared to my venerable MX518 you can see the significant overall size difference, although the total height difference is minimal the MX518 has a more gentle gradient and thus feels superiour during extended gaming sessions.  On the other hand this also ensures that the M320 offers an insignificant amount of encumbrance in your bag while you are on the move. 

The USB nano receiver fits beside the battery underneath the sliding cover when not in use which is a much more secure if slightly less accessible alternative to models which slide into an external slot in the body of the mouse.  You can keep the USB receiver plugged in when you store your laptop as it does only stick out 6mm but really, you are asking for a dead USB plug sooner or later.

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