The tail-less rodent in action

When using the mouse I personally ran into a small problem which those who have a smaller glove size will not encounter.  When lining up my thumb with the groove on the side of the mouse the body disappeared completely under my hand which looked rather odd as it seemed I was controlling my PC by moving an empty hand and also made access to the scroll wheel rather difficult.  When I lined up my fingers with the mouse the body never even reached my palm, all control was provided by the friction of my thumb and first two fingers.  This is how I tend to use the majority of undersized desktop mice and proved to be the most effective and comfortable position.

As this is a travel mouse the bottom pads are not placed in quite the same manner as they would be for a gaming mouse but proved up to the job on desk surfaces, mouse pads and even couch material.  The sensors offset position did take a bit of getting used to when using it on non-traditional surfaces but it was very easy to adjust after a short time of usage.  It accurately tracked my movements even on my couch at a distance of 3 metres from the receiver as well as over a significantly longer distance without line of site, much to the dismay of one of my coworkers who was unknowingly drafted into my testing.

Currently the Logitech M320 is retailing for just under $30 and is available in four different colour schemes.  The size and weight are perfect if it will be taking up residence in your bag and the tiny nano receiver can be left in your USB port even when you pack up for the day.  The strong 2.4GHz wireless signal also makes this perfect to be attached to a desktop machine which is connected to a TV that is in a separate room, just lie back and enjoy your PVR, NetFlix or feed your YouTube addiction without getting up or even shifting position to get a better line of sight on the receiver.  I'd like to thank Logitech for sending the unit over for review, it will live in my laptop bag and will occasionally be used at work for nefarious purposes when deemed necessary.

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