In the frantic race from one casino to another and from one vendor to another coverage varies between sites depending on who they can meet up with and this is why it is worth taking a peek at The Tech Report's coverage.  They had a chance to look at a variety of monitors such as HP's 4k and 5k offerings, ASUS' 4k and 120Hz displays, Acer's 1440p 144Hz G-Sync display and hope to have a chance to look at the five vendors who will be bringing Freesync to the market.  NVIDIA showed them the Tegra X1 which we reported on earlier as well as their plans to integrate the new processors into carsThermaltake showed them the Pacific RL240 which is a DIY watercooling kit which is rather snazzy when installed and should outperform the AIO coolers which have flooded the market.  Lenovo, ASUS, Acer and other companies showed off mobile devices and more so take a peek at their coverage and come back here soon as there is much more in store.

"This year's CES has barely begun, but we've already got a cornucopia of news from the show:"

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