Parts and Features


Courtesy of Primochill

  • Innovative slanted motherboard orientation
  • Watercooling Ready!!
  • Lightweight due to the PSU not being installed on the bench, but underneath
  • Supports ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and E-ATX. Does not support HPTX at the moment.
  • Simple and quick bench assembly
  • Made in the USA, by Americans

Case Parts

Primochill ships the Wet Bench test bench disassembled, packaged in multiple unadorned flat cardboard boxes – one of the base parts and one of the motherboard try parts. This part splitting is a result of the customizable options available between the body and motherboard tray colors. You have the ability to mix and match base coloration and motherboard tray color/style, depending on the options available from your selected vendor. Base part colors include the following: clear, black, white. Motherboard tray parts come in the following colors/styles: clear, blue, black, white, yellow, orange, UV blue, UV green, UV red, clear with carbon fiber overlay.

All base and motherboard tray parts are constructed from laser-cut 3/8", 1/4", or 1/8" acrylic with the thicker pieces used to construct the structural base parts for strength and test bench integrity. The included screws and motherboard hold down parts are mostly plastic to ensure that the test bench is electrically isolated and has no chance of shorting out electrical components used in conjunction with the bench. All acrylic parts are shipped with surfaces covered by brown contact paper to ensure that the parts arrive unmarred.

Base parts

The Primochill Wet Bench's base is constructed of a 1/4 inch acrylic rear panel for housing a water cooling radiator, a 3/8 inch acrylic center tray and side panels used for structural support, and two 1/8 inch acrylic drive hanger plates. All parts ship covered by brown contact paper on both sides to protect the acrylic surfaces of those parts. The center tray is used to mount the adjustable drive cage as well as mount holes for direct drive mount. Pass-through holes are provided for drive and PSU cables as well. By default, the kit ships with a rear panel with mount holes to accommodate up to a 3×120 or 3×140 radiator. The side panels have mount holes for reservoir and/or pump mounting. The drive hangers fit into the center tray with provided mount holes to accommodate up to two drives in a variety of locations. The center tray accommodates creating a drive cage to fit 2.5, 3.5, of 5.25 inch-sized drives.

Keeping with their goal of creating a non-conductive test bench, Primochill designed an innovative method with which to hold the various panels together. They include acrylic mounting clips, made from 1/4 inch acrylic, that fit into slots once you fit the panels together. The clips resemble a comma from the side with the straight portion meant to keep the clips locked securely in place to maintain the test bench's structural integrity. Also included are a variety of plastic screws for mounting drives and other accessories directly to the panel surfaces or in conjunction with the provided drive cage.

Motherboard tray parts

The Wet Bench's motherboard tray is constructed of a single 1/4 inch acrylic panel with six 1/4 inch acrylic accessory plates. All parts ship covered by brown contact paper on both sides to protect the acrylic surfaces of those parts. Additionally, Primochill leaves the accessory and pass-through hole cutouts in place to prevent damage to the tray or accessory holes in shipping. The motherboard tray contains a total of six accessory holes along both sides on the tray, oriented in a vertical orientation, as well as four larger cable pass-through holes along the tray's bottom in a horizontal orientation. This is also a large cutout section to accommodate the area directly underneath the CPU socket section of a motherboard. The accessory holes can be used in conjunction with the included accessory plates or without plates as straight cable pass-through ports. The bottom pass-through holes are provided for drive and PSU cables with an upper and lower set of holes provide to accommodate all motherboard form factors, including the large E-ATX boards.

We chose to purchase the carbon fiber-style motherboard tray. The tray is the clear tray with a carbon fiber overlay applied and cut to fit at the factory. The advantage of factory install rather than home install of the carbon fiber overlay is the perfect fit that Primochill is able to achieve. Putting on carbon fiber overlay is not a very tricky task, but getting a perfect fit can be.

The accessory holes have pre-drilled screw holes above and below for use with included hardware to fix the accessory plates in place. Primochill includes a total of six accessory plates (2 of each type): two-holed tubing pass-through / fill port plates, four-holed switch plates, and a single-holed pass-through plate. The two-holed plates can be used for tubing pass-through between water blocks housed above the motherboard tray and pumps beneath the tray as well as to hold quick connect-style connectors. The four-holed plates can be used to house switches and buttons, like the vandal buttons packaged with the kit. The single-holed plates are used for wire and tubing pass-through, if you desire the cleaner look of using a plate rather than using the accessory hole without a plate mounted.

For holding graphics and other accessory cards in place, Primochill came up with an innovative screw-less mount plate, constructed of 3/8 inch acrylic. The plate fits into fittings affixed to the motherboard tray with slots available for up to seven mounting points. The lower portion of the graphics card rear plate fits snuggly into the mount plate slots, securing the card in place without the need for an elaborate top-mount hold-down system.

Primochill placed their corporate logo in the upper left corner of the motherboard tray and the product name in its upper right corner. For non-carbon fiber trays, the text is etched into the surface in a contrasting color for high visibility. For the carbon fiber tray, the text is precisely cut from the carbon fiber overlay, making for a nice contrast as well.

Primochill bundles the motherboard tray with a variety of hardware for mounting the motherboard to the tray as well as using the motherboard while mounted. There are two sets of chrome vandal push button-style switch kits for use as motherboard power and reset buttons. The kits include the switch itself as well as two sets of wire for attaching the switch to a two pole motherboard header. The switches can be mounted to the tray using the included accessory plates (each switch as a nut to hold the switch to the plate). The motherboard tray uprights thread through the tray bottom, held in place with the plastic M3 12mm standoffs. The motherboard mounting holes match with the upright locations on the tray with support for board sizes from micro-ITX to E-ATX form factors. The included chrome colored metal M2 nuts can be used to hold the motherboard in place after seating it on the tray using the uprights.

The screws and fasteners packaged in with the test bench include the following:

  • 8 x hex head M3 5mm screws (plastic) -> used for ODD (optical disk drive), HDD, and SSD mounting using drive cage
  • 12 x hex head M3 12mm screws (plastic) -> used for HDD, SSD, and accessory mounting to support legs and middle tray
  • 12 x #6-32 .25 inch screws (plastic) -> used for ODD (optical disk drive), HDD, and SSD mounting using drive cage
  • 8 x #6-32 .50 inch screws (plastic) -> used for HDD and SSD mounting to middle tray
  • 25 x M3 nuts (metal) (plastic) -> used for accessory mounting to support legs and middle tray
  • 14 x M3 12mm standoffs (plastic) -> used for motherboard mounting
  • 14 x M3 threaded uprights (plastic / metal) -> used for motherboard mounting
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