Constructing the Base

Its all about the Base, right? Well, in the case of Primochill's Wet Bench test bench, there is not a truer statement. The bench's base forms the foundation of the kit, providing both structural integrity as well as storage and mounting for the more permanent parts of your test rig, such as PSU, hard drives and SSDs, and water cooling accessories.

The base of the Wet Bench consists of the two side panels (legs) and the mid-tier tray. The mid-tier tray has a total of four tabs (two per side) that fit snuggly into slots in each of the side panels. The side panels are held in place with an acrylic clip that fits through a slot in the tab bisecting the leg panel. The clip slots are cut in a manner such that the clips hold the legs snuggly to the side of the mid-tier tray with almost no wiggle room. This further adds to the structural integrity of the base, but can make for a challenging install of the clips if the clip slot was cut sitting too close to the leg when fixed in place.

The mid-tier tray can be configured to house 2.5, 2.5, and 5.25 inch hard drives, SSDs, or optical drives using the included drive bay or via direct mount to the underside of the tray itself.  There are pre-cut screw holes in the mid-tier tray for direct mounting 2.5 or 3.5 inch drives to the tray's underside. The drive bay panels have two tabs on the upper side of the panel that slide into laser cut slots in the tray. The drive bay panels are held in place with clips inserts into slots in the tabs, so that the clips sit flush with the upper surface of the mid-tier tray. The mid-tier tray can be configured to hold 3.5 inch or 5.25 inch drive using the pre-cut slots in the back left, center back, center front, or front left positions. As shown, the drive cage is installed in the front left position. The drive cables route through the square holes in the center left and left of the mid-tier tray. Even though Primochill only bundles a single set of drive bay panels with the kit, you can purchase addition drive bay panel sets for the kit (with the use of up to four drive bay sets supported).

With the provided precut slots, the drive bay accommodates mounting of either 5.25 inch or 3.5 inch devices. Devices are fixed in placed via screws through the provided slots with the ability to mount up to two devices in the drive bay. It was found to be easier to mount the drives in the bay and then affix the drive bay to the mid-tier tray rather than the reverse, especially when mounting the bay to the upper or lower left position on tray.

In addition to the drive bay, the Wet Bench kit supports mounting up to four drives (3.5 or 2.5 inch drives only) directly to the underside of the tray. Pre-drilled holes are provided for both 3.5 and 2.5 inch devices in line with the drive bay slots. To mount a drive directly to the underside of the tray, you simply affix the drive with the provided screws through the mid-tier tray using the mount holes on the bottom of the drive. Note that even though you can surface mount a drive in addition to using the drive bay, you may be hard pressed for space when attempting to fit three drives in to the area provided.

As shown, the mid-tier tray offers a lot of space and configuration options for drive mounting an use. It would have been a nice-to-have option if Primochill bundled more than one drive bay with the kit, but you should not be hard-pressed for space even using on the single drive bay. The area to the right of the drive mounting area is used to house the PSU. Note that the PSU fits underneath the mid-tier tray, but is not attached to the test bench directly.

The Wet Bench supports use of in-line fans or water cooler radiator mounting to the kit's backplate, mounted to the upper rear of the kit above and behind the mid-tier tray. The backplate is fixed to the bench's leg panels via 3 tabs on the leg panels that fit into pre-cut slots on the back plate. The two outer tabs sit flush to the surface of the back plate for support, while the middle tab acts to fix the backplate in place using acrylic clips through the provide slots. By default, the Wet Bench ships with a backplate capable of accommodating up to a 3x120mm or 3x140mm water cooling radiator. They also offer an optional backplate capable of handling a 4x120mm radiator in a variety of styles, including the carbon fiber style shown.

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