As of January 24, the Primochill Wet Bench test bench kit was available at for $139.99. The case was also available from for $139.99.


Before continuing with our final words on the Primochill Wet Bench kit, a word of caution. This kit is meant for the more seasoned enthusiasts only. Don't get me wrong, Primochill did an excellent job in engineering and designing the Wet Bench. It's expandability and configurability is unmatched compared to similar kits on the market. All parts are laser cut from the factory for accuracy, ensuring a clean look and a tight fit. Further, the kit will accommodate any sized motherboard and almost any custom or pre-built water cooling kit you can throw at it. This gives you the ability to customize the system layout in any way you'd like with the constraints being in the mount locations of the motherboard and system radiator. The multi-level design allows you to hide the drives, PSU, cables, and even the water cooling tubing, making for a very clean appearance. In a genius design move, Primochill developed the Wet Bench so that the radiator mounts to the system with its air directed away from the motherboard.  This ensures that the heat generated from the radiator does not adversely effect the board performance.

The one downside of the kit was the lack of instruction manual. Primochill opted not to include any type of instruction manual, or even an instruction or inventory sheet, in with the Wet Bench kit. Instead, they provide construction videos on thier site here. However, the kit goes together very easily for a seasoned case builder with all the parts fitting together in a logical fashion.


  • All acrylic design
  • Intuitive, tool-less construction
  • Support for multiple water cooling radiators and custom water loops
  • Internal spacing, layout, and design
  • Configuration and modding possibilities


  • Lack of detailed instruction manual

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