Results: 3D Mark Fire Strike

The latest benchmark from Futuremark can certainly hammer on the latest video cards.  I run the tests at the standard setting so we can set a good baseline for how a card SHOULD perform.  AMD and NVIDIA work very hard to tune their products to these benchmarks, so this should be a measure of theoretical performance in a controlled situation.

It is not a real surprise that the STRIX is the slowest card of the group.  It trails the 270X by a pretty significant margin, which is unfortunate considering that a user can get a 270X for about the same price.  We must consider that the GTX 750 Ti is a sub-75 watt TDP part versus the 150 watt TDP of the now 3 year old 270X.  Usage will be a considerable factor in selecting a card such as the STRIX GTX 750 Ti.  The GTX 760 is also a nice jump up from the 750 Ti, but it is a more expensive part than the competing 270X.  It also pulls many more watts as we will see later on.

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