Results: Thief

This is another new benchmark for the latest video card reviews from the lab.  Thief comes in both Direct3D and Mantle flavors, but I just used D3D for this particular test.  I tested against the built-in benchmark, and settings were placed at Very High with the resolutions set at 1920×1200 and 2560×1600.

This game is pretty much unplayable with the STRIX at this quality level.  Lowering the resolution to 1080P would obviously help, but the gains would be in the single percentage points.  The 270X does not do a whole lot better, but it is above the 30 fps limit at least.  Thief is a really good looking game, but how many people out there actually play it?  Also, does anyone else find it funny that these two popular, AMD-based cards do not support TrueAudio?

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