A Detailed Look

The SilverStone ST1500-GS power supply enclosure is painted a black, scratch resistant hammertone finish. The ST1500-GS uses a Young Lin Tech Co., Ltd. 135mm fan (DFB132512H) on the bottom for cooling that incorporates ball bearings.  

The fan speed is automatically controlled by the internal component temperature. It starts out slow and quiet and gradually ramps up in speed as the output power increases beyond 50% load.

The back panel includes a heavy duty AC receptacle but no master power On-Off switch. The open honeycomb grill allows exhaust air to exit the power supply with minimal resistance and turbulence.

The front panel incorporates eleven modular cable connectors, all nicely labeled. The four blue 8-pin connectors are for the PCI-E cables.

The SilverStone ST1500-GS power supply comes with a good assortment of all modular, cables and connectors.  The cables are all a flat ribbon-style and black to help facilitate installation with a clean look.

Note: The small 4-pin connector that branches off above the 24-pin Mobo cable connector is for remote voltage sensing (Vs) which is used to produce tighter voltage regulation on the +3.3V, +5V and +12v outputs. This connector is a little difficult to remove once inserted, without pulling on the wires.

Also included in the package is one of SilverStone’s 140mm fan filters.

The filter frame is plastic and can be mounted over the power supply’s intake fan to help keep dust and pet hair out. The filter has eight magnets embedded into the bottom side, which are strong enough to hold the filter in place. Alternately you could mount the filter on the outside of your PC enclosure using the magnets or screws.

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