Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the ST1500-GS power supply.  SilverStone is once again using Enhance Electronics as the OEM for the ST1500-GS. The overall layout looks very clean with components neatly organized and good soldering for the most part on the PCBs.  

Up in the top right corner in the photo above, is a well designed and implemented line filtering section. The heatsink below that cools a pair of primary bridge rectifiers with a large PFC choke coil at the bottom. The ST1500 uses four Panasonic electrolytic capacitors on the primary side, each rated for 270 uF, 420V, and 105°C. The secondary is populated with a mix of high-quality solid polymer and electrolytic caps.

The ST1500-GS power supply uses two DC-to-DC converters to create the +3.3V and +5V rails from +12V. The two VRM sections are located on the modular connector PCB. Note: there are two mechanical relays on the main PCB (under the AC line filtering section) that produce a mechanical click when activated; this is normal.

As we mentioned earlier, soldering for the most part is very good but the areas that have been beefed-up for high current flow look a little prototype-ish. While the added wires soldered along the PCB traces are functional, pre-formed bus bars yield a more professional, finished look.

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