Final Thoughts and Conclusions

SilverStone’s new ST1500-GS power supply is a welcome upgrade to the Strider Gold S series. The unit comes housed in a compact enclosure that measures only 180mm (7.1”) deep. It also features all-modular cabling, incorporates a quiet cooling fan, and is 80 Plus Gold certified for high efficiency. The small footprint may appeal to some users but I’m guessing the majority of folks using a 1,500 watt PSU may already have a large case with plenty of room for a large PSU.

Voltage regulation is very good, especially on the +12V outputs. All of the DC outputs stayed within SilverStone’s claimed ±3% range with the +12V rails staying within ±2%, even when delivering over 100A load! AC ripple and noise suppression is very good on the three primary rails but was higher than we like to see on the +5VSB output, although still within the recommended ATX guidelines. Our only other minor complaint with this power supply is the 3-year warranty, which we would like to see increased to at least 5-years.

The ST1500-GS comes with a good assortment of all-modular, ribbon-style cables with two ATX12V 4+4 pin/EPS 8-pin, and eight PCI-E connectors for multiple high-end graphic card support. The large 135mm cooling fan is very quiet up to about 60% load. The SilverStone ST1500-GS proved to be a very good power supply and deserves serious consideration if you are looking in this market.

The SilverStone ST1500-GS power supply is currently selling for $319.99 USD (, January 2015) which makes it a little on the expensive side given the competition in the 1500W to 1600W range.

Note: The Strider Gold S series 1500W power supply is designed to operate on a standard residential 15A AC mains circuit, found in most US homes. During our testing, the ST1500-GS PSU pulled 14.8A when supplied with 120VAC (15.2A at 115VAC) while delivering a combined 1,500 watt DC load. While most users won’t actually load the power supply all the way to 1,500W, keep in mind you may need a dedicated circuit just for this PC/PSU if you get close.

•    Up to 1,500W continuous DC output, 1,600W peak (=12 seconds)
•    Compact enclosure measures only 180mm (7.1”) deep
•    Good efficiency (80 Plus Gold certified)
•    Very good voltage regulation (±2% on the +12V rail)
•    Clean DC outputs with low AC ripple/noise (+3.3V, +5V, and +12V)
•    Very quiet operation below ~60% load
•    All-modular cable design with flat ribbon-style cables
•    Very good build quality with high quality componentsm
•    Universal AC input with Active PFC
•    Eight PCI-E connectors for multiple graphic card support

Minor Weaknesses:
•    3-Year warranty
•    AC ripple on the +5Vsb output higher than we like to see

SilverStone Strider Gold S Series 1500W Power Supply

I would like to thank our friends at SilverStone for sending us the new ST1500-GS PSU to review – thank you!

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