Packaging and Parts

The EVGA SuperNOVA 550 GS and 650 GS power supplies arrived packed inside standard retail boxes showcasing each unit’s features and specifications.  

The power supply is wrapped in a thick plastic bag and the modular cables also come in plastic bags. The rest of the parts are packed in with the other components. The overall packaging is typical of main-stream power supplies and forgoes several of the fancy touches EVGA includes with some of their high-end models (foam inserts for added protection, black felt bag, and nylon storage pouch for cables).

In addition to the power supply, each box contains a power cord, mounting screws, a User Manual, 24-pin test connector, Velcro cable ties, and two bags of modular cables.

•    (1) ATX 20+4 pin x 585mm (23”) long
•    (1) EPS12V 4+4 pin x 660mm (26”) long
•    (1) EPS/ATX12V 8 and 4+4 pin x 560mm (22”) and 1,065mm (42”)
•    (2) PCI-E 6+2 pin and 6+2 pin x 550mm (21.7”)

•    (1)  4 SATA x 540mm (21.3”) to first connector
•    (2)* 2 SATA x 540mm (21.3”) to first connector
•    (1)  4 Molex 4 pin x 540mm (21.3”) to first connector
•    (1)  Floppy Adapter 4-pin

Both SuperNOVA GS power supplies come with an excellent assortment of modular cables and one 4-pin Molex to 4-pin FDD adapter. The SuperNOVA 550GS comes with eight modular cables while the 650GS comes with nine (one extra SATA cable*).

Both GS models are designed to support dual graphics adapters and come with two PCI-E cables fitted with two 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors for a total of four PCI-E connectors.

Note: You cannot use both PCI-E cables and both EPS12V cables at the same time as there are only three cable sockets. Your choices are two PCI-E cables (four 6+2 pin connectors) and one EPS 4+4 / 8-pin, or one PCI-E cable and two EPS cables.

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