SSD Guru, Conclusion, and Final Thoughts

SSD Guru:

In conjunction with the Vector 180 launch, OCZ also launched a replacement for their OCZ Toolbox. Out with the old, and in with the SSD Guru:

SSD Guru has everything you would expect from a SSD software package these days. Online download and application of firmware updates, secure erasures, monitoring, and SMART data retrieval are all present and accounted for.



  • Excellent read performance.
  • OCZ ShieldPlus Warranty offers advance RMA returns without a receipt.


  • Subpar TRIM performance.*
  • Sustained writes are stalled every 20 seconds as the controller flushes metadata.*
    *(stall duration and TRIM servicing is worse for higher capacity models)

Pricing and Availability:


The Vector 180 line carries a 5 year 'ShieldPlus' warranty, rated at 50GB/day.

Final Thoughts:

Even though the Vector 180 has some impressive raw throughput results, there is more to the performance of this SSD than reported averages. This is OCZ's flagship product, at flagship product pricing, and to cut straight to the chase, it does not perform to my expectations of an enthusiast SSD. With firmware 1.01 (current as of this writing), the Vector 180 halts every 20 seconds during sustained writes. TRIM operations also result in obvious stalls in subsequent host writes. The lower cost/GB at higher capacities is countered by the fact that the TRIM performance and periodic write stalls are amplified in those larger models. The primary function of an SSD is to service host IO requests as quickly as possible, and the OCZ Vector 180 unfortunately falters at this task too often for me to recommend it. We are standing by to retest should OCZ choose to correct these issues in a future firmware update.

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