Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Class leading write performance per capacity and even better read performance.
  • TLC write speeds at a given capacity are comparable with competition's MLC offerings (thanks to VNAND).
  • High endurance rating and warranty for a TLC product.


  • The 3GB TurboWrite Cache of the 120GB and 250GB models may be a bit limiting for power users.

Pricing and Availability:

850 EVO mSATA:

  • 120GB – $80   ($0.67/gb) (Amazon)
  • 250GB – $130 ($0.52/gb) (Amazon)
  • 500GB – $230 ($0.46/gb) (Amazon)
  • 1TB      – $450 ($0.45/gb) (Amazon)

850 EVO M.2 SATA:

  • 120GB – $80   ($0.67/gb) (Amazon)
  • 250GB – $130 ($0.52/gb) (Amazon)
  • 500GB – $230 ($0.46/gb) (Amazon)

Decent launch MSRP's with availability of all lines and capacities on launch morning. Precisely how it should be done.


The Samsung 850 EVO line carries a 5 year warranty, rated at 40GB/day for 120GB/250GB (75 TBW) and 80GB/day for 500GB/1TB (150 TBW).

Final Thoughts:

Samsung has come along with yet another great product launch, and those wishing they could get an 850 EVO into their mobile platforms no longer need to wait. You are getting the same high performing VNAND driven by the same proven Samsung SATA controller – just in a different physical packaging. TurboWrite, Samsung Magician and RAPID all apply to these products just as they did for the 2.5" variants. Despite some changes to flash package counts, performance of these new units remained consistent if not identical when compared with the 2.5" EVOs. The only fault I see with these new smaller mSATA and M.2 SATA form factor 850 EVOs is that they did not launch sooner.

High end performance and endurance combined with TLC pricing. These are my default recommendation for mSATA and M.2 SATA applications.

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