XMT 300 PC Power Distribution Module

As we stated earlier, the Miller XMT 300 PC power supply only produces a single, gigantic +12V output.  This +12V power is then fed to multiple distribution modules wired in parallel that mount inside one or more PCs where the normal ATX power supply would go.

The standard XMT 300 PC cables (the two wires on the left) are nothing like you have seen before on any PC power supply.  You get a pair of 8’ long #6AWG pure copper cables.  (Additional cables can be purchased separately to power multiple PCs, up to twenty.)  The large wire size is used to minimize voltage losses between the XMT 300 PC main power unit and the power distribution module(s).

From the outside the power distribution module looks like a small ATX power supply and features a slow speed, virtually silent 80mm fan on the front to provide a little case airflow.  The power distribution module has two primary functions:

1.    Converts +12V into: +3.3V, +5V, -12V, and +5VSB
2.    Provides the necessary cables and connectors

Inside the power distribution module we find only a few basic components.  DC to DC converters are used to create the +3.3V, +5V and -12V outputs that the motherboard and other items inside the PC need for normal operation.

I was curious about how the XMT 300 PC and/or power distribution module produced the +5VSB output.  At first, it appeared as though the standard +5VSB circuit normally found in all ATX power supplies (required for turning on the PC among other things), was simply replaced with a special battery.  After further investigation, I learned there is a little more to it than that – in fact, a lot more… 🙂  It turns out the battery is actually a small flux capacitor mounted between two proprietary transducers that create a temporal distortion field that keeps the flux capacitor in a virtually charged state for up to twelve months.  Whoa – this is starting to sound like some serious Star Trek technology. Go Miller!

The XMT 300 PC power distribution module has a full assortment of cables and connectors including four PCI-E cable/connectors.  All of the cables are hard-wired into the distribution module, which eliminates potential problems caused by the added resistance of modular cable connectors.  The wiring harnesses measure 20” to 24” long to the first connector and all of the cables are covered with black plastic mesh sleeving. Flat ribbon-style cables are available as an option.

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