A Detailed Look

One of the first things you will notice when unboxing the SX500-LG power supply is the bright yellow label wrapped around the PSU. This is to let users know this power supply features a semi-fanless operating mode. The cooling fan doesn’t start spinning when the PSU is first turned on; it only spins up after the load and internal temperature reach ~41°C.

The SilverStone SX500-LG power supply enclosure features a scratch resistant, lead free black matte finish and measures 130mm (5.3”) deep. The back panel includes a power receptacle and master On-Off switch.  

The power supply uses a 120mm cooling fan made by Globe Fan (S1201512MW), which is rated for 0.35A at 12 VDC. The fan uses sleeve bearings for quiet operation but potentially sacrifices the longer-life offered by a high-quality ball bearing fan.

The SX500-LG incorporates an “intelligent semi-fanless” fan speed controller, which allows the fan to turn off for silent operation at low loads.

The power supply includes five nicely labeled sockets on the front panel for connecting the modular cables.

The PSU comes with a basic assortment of all modular flat, ribbon-style cables. As we mentioned before, if you find one or more cables are too short for your particular build (especially if you are installing the SX600-G in a larger ATX enclosure) SilverStone offers a complete line of full-size modular cables that can be purchased separately. All of the sleeved cables in the PP06 and PP07 Series will work with the SX600-G SFX power supply.

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

For this particular power supply, SilverStone is using High Power as the OEM for the SX500-LG power supply. A modern design is used to obtain relatively high efficiency (80 Plus Gold) and the secondary features dual DC-to-DC converters to produce the 3.3V and 5V minor rails (on the left side in the photo below).

With the cover/fan assembly removed, you can see the internal layout of the SX500-LG power supply. The main filter capacitor on the primary side is a Rubycon unit rated for 390uF, 420V, and 85°C. All of the capacitors used in the SX500-LG V1.1 are high quality Japanese made units. The original SX500-LG V1.0 used Japanese made capacitors on the primary but mostly Taiwanese capacitors on the secondary.

The extra 30mm of chassis depth provides room for good spacing and airflow from the larger 120mm cooling fan. The overall build quality appears good and the soldering on the PCBs is also very good.

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