Specifications, Packaging and Parts


The Corsair Graphite Series 780T White Full-Tower case is designed for gaming and enthusiast grade desktop PCs with a focus on styling, usability, and excellent cooling options. It features a large chassis and comes with three internal cooling fans pre-installed (two 140mm intake fans with white LEDS and one 140mm exhaust fan). The 780T includes a three-speed fan control switch on the top panel with connectors inside for powering five case fans. The top, front, bottom, and rear panels of the case all provide mounting locations for optional fans (120mm or 140mm) and/or liquid cooling radiators (120mm, 140mm, or 360mm).

(Courtesy of Corsair)

Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full-Tower Case Specifications (Courtesy of Corsair):

Packaging and Parts

The 780T case arrived securely packed inside a standard retail box illustrating the enclosure’s main features and specifications.  The case comes wrapped in plastic and protected by two large Styrofoam inserts.

Located inside the case in one of the HDD drive bays is a small box that contains some wire ties, a motherboard standoff, and six bags of mounting hardware. A 780T Quick Start Guide is also included.

(4) Cable ties
(1) Motherboard standoff
(4) Long fan screws
(16) Short fan screws
(10) Motherboard screws
(4) PSU screws
(8) ODD screws
(28) SSD screws

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