A Detailed Look – At the Inside

Removing the left side panel gives a good look inside the 780T Full-Tower enclosure.

The large motherboard area occupies the top left section of the 780T case with two 5.25” drive bays located at the top-front. A huge cutout behind the motherboard area allows for easy installation/removal of CPU coolers as necessary.

Six oval cutouts are provided for neatly routing cables, each fitted with rubber grommets – nice.

A standard ATX power supply mounts in the back-bottom corner. Towards the front are two modular 3.5” drive bays.

Each modular drive cage has three trays for mounting a total of up to six 3.5” HDDs/2.5”SSDs. One or both of the modular drive cages can be removed if you don’t need the storage space.

Removing the top modular 3.5” drive cage exposes one of the two front panel fan locations which are pre-drilled for mounting either 120mm or 140mm fan/radiators.

Removing both modular drive cages opens up the entire floor of the 780T case. Even with both modular drive bays removed, the 780T still provides mounting locations for three 2.5” SSDs up the right side of the enclosure beside the two front intake fans.

Here is another look at the three 2.5” SSD mounting trays from the backside with the right side panel removed.

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