Installation: HDDs, SSDs and ODDs

Internal HDDs and SSDs

The Corsair Graphite Series 780T Full-Tower case is designed to mount up to six 3.5”/2.5” HDD/SSDs in the two modular drive bays and three more 2.5” SSDs in dedicated trays on the right side of the enclosure.

The two modular drive bays each contain three trays which can mount either a 3.5” HDD (tool-free) or a 2.5” SSD (with four machine screws). To install a 3.5” HDD you just flex the plastic tray and slip the HDD into position so that the four steel pins engage and hold it in place. The pins are mounted in silicone washers, which provide vibration isolation for the HDD.

In addition to the two modular 3.5” drive cages, the 780T case provides three more tool-free mounting trays for 2.5” SSDs. Two of the empty trays are visible above the installed drives in the photo above.

The three 2.5” SSD trays are accessed from the right side of the case. Each tray clips into the chassis and SSDs just slide into each tray and are held in place by a plastic spring-tab.

5.25” External Drive Bays

The 780T enclosure provides two 5.25” external drive bays at the top of the front panel. Both bays use standard plastic bay covers, which you pop out before installing a 5.25” bay device.

The 5.25” drive bays incorporate tool-free latching mechanisms; just release the latch, slide the drive/device into position from the front, and then close the latch to secure the drive/device.

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