Bundled Applications

Included Applications

  • SuperDoctor III
  • Watch Dog
  • Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

SuperDoctor III is SUPERMICRO's server monitoring and management software, allowing for remote monitoring and access to the system through a web interface. It it tailored more to the corporate and data-center markets rather than for use on an enthusiast desktop system or workstation. The Watch Dog application can be used in conjunction with the BIOS Watch Dog settings to enable system auto-reboot in the event of a system hard lock because of an unresponsive software application. The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is an enthusiast-friendly application for monitoring and overclocking the system from within the OS.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is an application providing board and subsystem level information about the CPU and memory speeds, allowing for both automated and manual based overclocking of the board. Additionally, multiple stress tests are integrated into the application for settings testing as well as area to save and retrieve settings profiles.

App Profile Pairing page

Manual Tuning section, Core settings page

Manual Tuning section, Graphics and Memory settings page

Stress Test page

Stress Test page, Stress Test in progress

Benchmarking page

Benchmarking page, Benchmark in progress

Benchmarking page, Benchmark results

Profiles page

Monitoring Interface mode

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