UEFI Features continued

The following screens detail additional settings in the UEFI interface.

Main page

System Information menu, Motherboard page

System Information menu, CPU page

System Information menu, Memory page

System Information menu, PCH page

Chipset menu, System Agent(SA) page

Chipset menu, PCH-IO page

Chipset menu, On Board Chip page

Memory menu, Memory Information page

Memory menu, Memory Config page

Hardware Monitor menu, Temperature page

Hardware Monitor menu, Fan Speed page

Hardware Monitor menu, Voltage page

IO menu, SATA page

IO menu, sSATA page

IO menu, PCIe/PCI/PnP page

IO menu, PCIe/PCI/PnP page continued

IO menu, USB Settings page

IO menu, PCH-FW page

IO menu, Super IO Configuration page

Boot menu, Boot Device Settings page

Boot menu, BIOS Features page

Management menu, ACPI Settings page

Management menu, Console Redirection Settings page

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