Battery Life and Power Management, Software and Warranty

Battery Life and Power Management

This would be what we’d consider one of the least important categories by which to judge a gaming laptop or workstation, but nevertheless, it’s still worth exploring.  The G751J features

First, the Battery Eater Pro Classic Test results (load performance, ~200 nit brightness):

This is what you might expect to get if you were gaming unplugged with Battery Boost disabled on the machine.  As we’ve covered in previous articles, you can expect extended runtimes—sometimes by as much as 50%—in gaming if you enable Battery Boost, but we won’t go over the same material again here.  All in all, this is pretty typical stuff for a gaming notebook.

Battery Eater Pro Reader’s Test (minimum load, ~200 nit brightness):

Yeah, under 4 hours unplugged is indeed a pretty putrid result.  But again, at risk of repeating ourselves from past articles, who’s using these things on airplanes to read books anyway?  This result really ought to be taken as referential material to help guesstimate how long the machine might last you on a typical charge (likely someplace in between this amount for general use)—and nothing more.  It’s helpful in that sense.

By comparison with past results:

Overall, a pretty predictable result.  Nothing worth buying the machine over, but nothing worth turning it down either.  It is what it is.

Software and Warranty

We’ve already covered a bit of what the G751J ships with in terms of software (see the Keyboard section where we talk about the new keys), but the rest of what’s included is pretty typical.  You’ll find Steam, which saves us around 60 seconds of installation time anyway.  But alongside it there’s also CyberLink MediaStory, WildTangent Game Explorer, and some other mildly junky extras.  It’s not a terrible degree of refuse, but expect to spend a few minutes uninstalling things once you get your hands on the machine anyway.

The G751J warranty coverage is actually pretty decent.  It’s only 1 year in duration, but it also features free 2-way standard shipping, 24/7 tech support, accidental damage protection, and a 30-day “zero bright dot” policy (through which ASUS will provide a replacement LCD panel if any bright stuck pixels are identified).

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