Features and Layout


Courtesy of Bitspower

  • Included ChipSet and MOS Blocks.
  • Real Full Water-Cooled Solution.
  • Block TOP Cover Made Of Hi-Quality Acrylic.
  • Block Base Made Of Hi-Quality Copper.
  • Block Base High Durability Nickel Finished In Shining Silver.
  • Polished Stainless Panel In Matt Black.
  • RoHS Compliant.

AIX99R5E Nickel Plated Full Cover Block Layout

The Bitspower AIX99R5E full cover block consists of two pieces – a VRM block and a chipset block with integrated board cover. Each block has two threaded G1/4" liquid ports for connecting them together as well as connecting to the rest of the system's cooling loop. The blocks are constructed of acrylic parts fixed to a nickel-plated copper base plate. The nickel-coating provides oxidation protection for the copper as well as scratch resistance, while being thin enough so as to not inhibit the copper's superior heat exchange properties.

Chipset Block Layout

The chipset block is constructed of a metal black powder-coated top plate fixed to an acrylic middle plate and the nickel-plated chipset base plate. The top plate and acrylic middle layer form channels for the coolant to enter and exit the chipset base plate chamber. Everything is sealed with star screws and rubber o-rings in between each of the layers.

The chipset block's inlet and outlet coolant ports are embedded in a rectangular acrylic piece that sits on the right side of the top plate. This acrylic piece seals to the top plate with rubber o-rings and pass-through holes feeding directly into the coolant channels formed underneath the top plate. There are a total of five screw holding the acrylic port block, top plate, and acrylic bottom piece together, ensuring a secure and coolant-tight mount.

Directly underneath the right side of the top plate are the coolant inlet and outlet channels. Either channel can be used for the inlet to or outlet from the chipset block. The channels are formed by the acrylic middle piece sealed to the under side of the top plate with rubber o-rings and screws through the top plate. The right most point of the acrylic middle plate has a plastic spacer that sits on the surface of the motherboard, providing additional structural support to the port block.

The chipset base plate is nickel-plated copper, sitting directly underneath the left-center portion of the top plate. The base plate sit directly on top of the Intel X99 chipset on the ASUS Rampage V Extreme board, necessitating the four threaded metal stand-offs at each of the base plate's corners. These standoffs keep the block from crushing the fragile chipset core when the block is mounted to the board, while not inhibiting proper mating between the block's bottom and the chipset's surface. Additionally, the stand-offs are the mount points for mating the chipset block with the board.

VRM Block Layout

The VRM block is constructed of a acrylic top piece and a nickel-plated base plate sealed by a grommet. The two pieces are held together via eight hex screws mounted to the bottom plate through the acrylic top plate. The G1/4" threaded inlet and outlet coolant ports are embedded in the right and left-center portions of the acrylic top plate.

The bottom of the VRM block is of a stepped design to compensate for the position of the VRMs in relation to the chokes. The lowest step of the block sits directly on top of the VRM chips, while upper part rests on the top of the board's chokes. Thermal tape (included) rests in between the cooler and chips for cooling purposes as well as to aid in board shorting potential. Metal standoffs are located in the left and right bottom of the block to prevent the block from crushing the sensitive VRM chips, as well as acting as mount points for fixing the VRM block to the board.

Included Accessories

The Bitspower bundles in all necessary hardware and accessories for mounting the AIX99R5E full cover block to the ASUS Rampage V Extreme board.

Bitspower includes a double-sided instruction sheet with detailed illustrations documenting the installation and use of the blocks. While the included instructions are minimalistic, they are sufficient for understanding the installation procedure.

Bitpower includes replacement rubber o-rings for the chipset blocks, thermal tape for mounting the VRM block to the board, a hex key fitting the block and mounting screws, plastic washers, and hex screws for block mounting. The included o-rings replace the grommet in the VRM block, as well as the o-rings used for the coolant channels and the copper block in the chipset block. There are two sizes of hex screws included in the kit. The shorter screws and washers are used to mount the chipset block. For the VRM block, you can use the shorter screws if you choose not to use the board's VRM backplate. However, you will need the larger screws if you wish to use the board's VRM backplate in conjunction with the VRM block.

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