The Bitspower AIX99R5E nickel-plated full cover block adds a nice aesthetic to the ASUS Rampage V Extreme while increasing the performance potential of the board, especially with its VRM cooling block. The VRMs operated an average of 10C cooler with the the Bitspower block in comparison with the air-cooled temperatures. The chispet block had minimal effects on temperatures because of the minimal amount of heat that the Intel X99 chipset generates under normal circumstances.


As of July 04, the Bitspower AIX99R5E Nickle Plate Full Cover Block kit was available at for $119.95.


The Bitpower AIX99R5E nickel-plated full cover block is a well designed block replacement kit for the ASUS Rampage V Extreme board, offering better cooling and additional board protection for the PCIe and chipset board areas. The build and design quality of the Bitspower kit was superb with no machining marks or other blemishes apparent on any of the acrylic or metal surfaces. The block contact surfaces were polished to a mirror sheen to ensure optimal mating with the components to be cooled. Bitspower even thought to include replacement o-rings for all blocks in case the installed o-rings failed or needed to be replaced.

There were a few things that worked against the kit, but to no fault of Bitspower or its well designed block kit. The temperature deltas between liquid-cooled operation and stock cooler air-cooled operation was lower than expected because of the high quality stock cooling solution ASUS integrated into the Rampage V Extreme. However, the Bitspower kit does its job well and also gives the board a unique aesthetic.

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