A Detailed Look

The Cyonic AU-450x power supply enclosure is painted matte black with purple lettering and measures only 140mm (5.5”) deep. The back panel includes an On-Off switch and AC receptacle along with an open honey comb grill for good airflow.

The power supply uses a 120mm cooling fan made by Hong Hua (HA1225M12F-Z) that is rated for 0.45A at 12V. The fan incorporates a Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) for quiet operation and long life. The Intelligent Fan Control System keeps the fan speed relatively low throughout much of the operating curve, resulting in very quiet operation at low to mid power levels.

The front panel incorporates eight modular connectors for the power cables, all nicely labeled.

(Courtesy of Cyonic)

The AU-450x comes with a standard assortment of modular cables and connectors. All of the cables are the black, flat ribbon-style except for the 24-pin ATX cable, which is sleeved.

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