Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Cyonic is a new player in an already crowded PC power supply market. Cyonic has partnered with Seasonic to produce the AUx Series, which includes three models, ranging in output capacities of 450W, 550W and 650W. All of the AUx Series power supplies feature fully modular cables, high efficiency (80 Plus Gold certified) and quiet operation. The most unique feature of Cyonic’s AUx Series is their compact chassis; measuring only 140mm (5.5”) deep. Cyonic worked closely with Seasonic engineers to re-design three of Seasonic’s G-Series power supplies so they would fit into a shorter chassis (the Seasonic G-450, G-550, and G-650 measure 160mm (6.3”) deep). Cyonic hopes the smaller footprint will save space for system builders, who want to use smaller sized cases or care to have more room inside the enclosure for better ventilation and cable routing.

Performance was good across the board. Voltage regulation, AC ripple suppression, and efficiency were all good; but not as good as many of Seasonic’s more expensive platforms. And the AU-450x we tested proved to be very quiet, virtually silent at low to mid power operation.

The new Cyonic AUx Series power supplies should start entering retail channels in North America by the end of July 2015.

•    MSRP for the AU-650x PSU: $99.99 USD
•    MSRP for the AU-550x PSU: $89.99 USD
•    MSRP for the AU-450x PSU: $79.99 USD

This price structure closely matches Seasonic’s own G-Series and EVGA’s SuperNOVA GS units (550W and 650W). It will be interesting to see what prices do once the units become available.

•    Compact chassis, measures only 140mm (5.5”) deep
•    80 PLUS Gold certified, with at least 90% efficiency at 50% load
•    Very quiet operation at low to mid power levels
•    Fully modular cables for easy installation and improved airflow
•    Fluid dynamic bearing fan for long life and quiet operation
•    High quality components including Japanese made electrolytic capacitors
•    Compatibility with Intel's 4th Generation Core processors
•    Safety Protections: OPP, OVP, UVP and SCP
•    5-Year warranty

Minor Weaknesses:
•    Price may need adjusting to stimulate sales

Cyonic AU-450x Fully Modular 450W Power Supply

Our thanks to Cyonic/Seasonic for sending us the AU-450x PSU to review.

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