If you live somewhere you can visit or order from a Microcenter and consider a great value enough reason to use a TN based display then check out this deal on an AOC U2870VQE 28" 4K LED display.  Currently only $349+taxes you can get a 4k display for your computer or to stream to from your mobile device.  Again, at this price you cannot expect either adaptive refresh rate technology but for roughly the same price to pick up an IPS based FreeSync or G_SYNC monitor of comparable size you can grab three of these displays.  Connectivity includes VGA, DP, Mini-DP and HDMI (MHL), the latter of which is compatible with mobile devices.

The display is sold as a 10-bit panel, in fact it is an 8bit panel which uses Frame-Rate-Control to up the number of colours to 1.07 billion but frankly unless you are using this for professional purposes you are not going to notice any difference; except the price of course.  You can see the full news release below the fold, or just click on that link to order one for as you might expect, the supplies at this price are limited.  Otherwise you can keep saving your pennies for a 4k IPS display with true 10bit colour and one of the two adaptive refresh rate technologies.

Click to read the full release.

Fremont, California – July 8, 2015 – AOC, a worldwide leader in monitor display technology, today announces their U2870VQE, an affordable 28-inch 4K monitor with 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD Resolution. The 28” large screen size offers more space and four times the resolution of a Full HD display and delivers clear crisp images to the value-minded shopper. The display features a professional non-glare TN panel with fast refresh and response times, along with 1 billion colors for rich details and ample connectivity options. The U2870VQE monitor is available today on sale at Microcenter for $349 ($499 MSRP).

Ultra High Definition (UHD) allows users to see more on the screen at one time and gives more real estate to the user. It also shows more detail for sharper and clearer images. Users working on the photos, designs, or even a wide spreadsheet will appreciate the crisp picture from a UHD display, which is usually reserved for monitors with much higher price points.

The U2870VQE features ample connectivity options with VGA, DP, Mini-DP and HDMI (MHL). With MHL-enabled HDMI connection, users can connect their smart device to their monitor to simultaneously charge and stream mobile multimedia on to the 28" 4K display. The monitor boasts 1ms (gray-to-gray) response time, 70,000,000:1 mega dynamic contrast ratio and a 10-bit panel (8-bit + FRC) with 1.07 billion colors. The Frame-Rate-Control (FRC) technology is used to enhance the color depth of the 8-bit panel and boost the normal 16.7 million colors found in most displays to 1.07 billion colors. More colors mean that the panel can present more depth and richer color, for more vivid images.

For designers, the high definition, high pixel density provides great details for precision work such as architecture design. With the UHD resolution and large screen, CAD designers can see more on screen and spend less time scrolling in and out to accomplish more. If you are a gamer looking to dominate, the 4K resolution and 1ms fast response time will deliver. Combining impressive technical specifications with modern aesthetics, the display has an extra narrow bezel and hairline texture in the front with matte in the back for a sleek and attractive look. The 4K display has tilt flexibility and is also VESA 100mm wall-mount compatible.